Shop tax-free in the EU

Did you shop in the EU or are you planning to? Do you reside outside the EU? If so, you can claim back your VAT. Most goods you buy include a value added tax (VAT). Rates differ from 21% in the Netherlands to 25% in Sweden.


Thanks to a special regulation for international travelers, you can save up to 25% over purchase made in the EU.

You are eligible for this regulation if you live in a non-EU country, purchase for a minimum amount (€50 in the Netherlands, €125.01 in Belgium) and take the purchases back home with you in your luggage.

Do tell!

Collect your purchase receipts, get a validation stamp, and we’ll take care of the rest!

You can get a Customs stamp at EU-Customs before leaving the EU. Make sure your name, non-EU country of residence and passport number are mentioned on the receipt. Send us your receipts for a VAT refund.


Everywhere! But not all shops respect the refund law.

Initially, you will pay the VAT in the shop. The shop then can reimburse you the VAT instead of transferring it to the Tax Administration. Not all shops are willing to cooperate. Better be safe than sorry and shop at shops listed in our tax-free shopping guide.