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Easily the highest refund at hand.

We at strive to make your refund process as effortless as possible. Our app for iPhone and Android keeps you up-to-date and saves you from forms, hassle, queues and above all: offers you the highest refund!


Shop tax-free: how to get a refund

Save all your purchase receipts and save up to 25% on your shopping in the European Union.

Thanks to a special EU-regulation, international travelers can reclaim the Value Added Tax paid over goods they have bought in the EU. We will help you get a VAT refund on your shopping in the European Union, even if you shop online. We make it easy, we ensure you get the highest refund possible and are here to help you claim what's yours. We think it's a shame that millions of euro's are left unclaimed each year. Money which could be reinvested in yourself, in others or in the world

Keep your receipts and save up to 25% on your shopping made in the EU. Rates differ per country. Refund of VAT is only possible when shopping at partner- and participating shops as EU regulation does not legally obligate shops to participate. Find a full list of participating stores in our taxfree shopping guide or in the mobile app for iOS en Android


Our service is mainly for non-EU residents visiting the European Union.

But we are there also for military staff located in the EU, international students, expats and/or EU residents planning to move, or ship goods, to a non-EU country. Different rules apply. 

Collect your receipts picture

Save áll your purchase receipts

Save all of your receipts and/or tax-free forms from 55.000+ participating (web)shops. Make sure these stores cooperate with refunding your VAT via by checking our shopping guide. You can find our shopping guide and 55.000+ participating stores here: where to shop tax-free or in our mobile app. More receipts = more refund!


Validate your receipt at Customs picture

Before leaving the EU, get a stamp

When leaving the EU, before you check-in, stop by a special Customs office for an export validation stamp. The Customs officer might ask to see your goods before validating your receipts.


Make a photo of your stamped receipt picture

Register and submit your receipt via our mobile app or website

Before sending us your original stamped purchase receipts, register and submit them on this website or via our mobile app. This is an easy process and only takes a minute of your time. We will guide you through the process, let you know how much your estimated refund will be, is and keep you informed about the status of your refund, until it has been transferred to you.


Mail us your receipts picture

Mail us your original stamped receipts*

We always advise you to send your receipts to our office in the post, from the European airport you are leaving from. This way, your receipts will reach our office much faster. European postal services are very reliable. Mail boxes belonging to the national postal service, of the European country you are leaving from, are usually located across the airport. If you are departing from Schiphol airport, please use the orange mailbox. This mailbox is located across the hall from customs. You can also send your original receipts to our office from your home country. Once we receive your original stamped receipts, we will audit them, check the customs stamp, contact the shop to collect the VAT, and then transfer the refund to you. We will keep you informed about this process via email, mobile app or web.

For security reasons we will only ask for your payment details when your refund is ready to be transferred to you. We do not store payment details. Please read more in our privacy policy.

* At some stores we use a special QR code (POPr ™ ) for fast and secure handling. Receipts from these stores do not need to be send to us, you will be asked to keep them. When registering a POPr ™ receipt, we provide clear instructions about this. 

Example mailbox the Netherlands

Mail your stamped receipts to:
att: web
PO Box 37234
1030 AE Amsterdam
the Netherlands 



Where to shop tax-free

Use this interactive shopping guide to see if a store cooperates with VAT refunds via our platform.  More than 55.000 stores are listed as participants which means there is enough choice to ensure you can shop tax-free in the neighborhood or online.

The store is legally the entity that processes the refund as they initially receive the VAT upon purchase and are able to credit and return it afterwards. Not all stores cooperate with VAT refunds or process the refund in a timely manner. Unfortunately, EU tax law does not obligate stores to cooperate and a shop may choose not to be of service.  

If a store is listed as 'uncooperative' (grey logo) in our shopping guide, please note that a VAT refund is not guaranteed nor likely. After you have sent us your original receipts for these stores, and it turns out the store does not wish to cooperate, we can not return your receipt to you or forward them to these stores, competitors or other claiming parties.

If a store is not listed, or listed as ‘new’ (white logo) in our shopping guide, this means that this shop has never been approached for a VAT refund by before. You are most welcome to register your receipt from this store, however, a VAT refund is not guaranteed. We advise you to contact the shop first to determine wether they have a preferred VAT refund process in place. Please ask them wether they would be willing to cooperate with refunding your VAT via If they confirm, please feel free to proceed with registering your receipt from this store.

Zoom in on a spot to see more shops, or use the search function for City, Name, Brand etc.


Partner Store This is a partner store
Refund is guaranteed


Pledger Store This shop is cooperating on a regular basis, or has cooperated in the past, and has pledged to participate. 
Refund is very likely


New Store This shop may or may not be willing to cooperate in refunding VAT.Another member has recently registered their receipt from this store and is still waiting for the refund. When the shop decides to participate (or not), we will update this status. We advise you to contact the shop first to determine wether they have a preferred VAT refund process in place. Please ask them wether they would be willing to cooperate with refunding your VAT via If they confirm, please feel free to proceed with registering your receipt from this store.
Cooperation is still unknown.


Noncooperative Store This shop has indicated to us in the past that they do not wish to cooperate with VAT refunds via Unfortunately, a retailer is not obligated by EU law to cooperate with VAT refunds. Even though you are in your right by EU law to reclaim the VAT, and a shop merely has to perform a small act, this shop has chosen not to be of service. This means that we can not process your VAT refund request for your receipt from this store. 
Refund is highly unlikely.

See also the page 'What to do if a shop does not cooperate'