Where to shop tax-free

Use this interactive shopping guide to see if a store cooperates with VAT refunds via vatfree.com. More than 55.000 stores are listed as participants which means there is enough choice to ensure you can shop tax-free in the neighborhood or online.

The store is legally the entity that processes the refund, as they initially receive the VAT upon purchase and are able to credit and return it afterwards. Not all stores cooperate with VAT refunds or process the refund in a timely manner. Unfortunately, EU tax law does not obligate stores to cooperate. A store may choose not to be of service via our platform, for various reasons.  

Please inform yourself by reading about our colored logo’s, and their meaning, below.

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Partner Store; This is a vatfree.com partner store
Refund is guaranteed


Pledger Store; This shop is cooperating on a regular basis, or has cooperated in the past, and has pledged to participate. 
Refund is very likely


New Store; This shop may or may not be willing to cooperate in refunding VAT. Another vatfree.com member has recently registered their receipt from this store and is still waiting for their refund. When the shop decides to cooperate (or not), we will update this status. We advise you to contact the shop first to determine wether they have a preferred VAT refund process in place. Please ask them wether they would be willing to cooperate with refunding your VAT via vatfree.com. If they confirm, please feel free to proceed with registering your receipt from this store.
Cooperation is still unknown.


Non-cooperative Store; If a store is listed as ‘uncooperative’, this means that we can not process your VAT refund request for your receipt from this store. If you have sent us your original receipts for these stores, and it turns out the store does not wish to cooperate, we can not return your receipt to you or forward them to these stores, competitors or other claiming parties.

A shop can be listed as ‘uncooperative’ for various reasons:

- The store works exclusively with an airport cash refund company
- The store is only willing to pay the VAT refund directly to you (administrative costs might be applied by the store)
- The store did not respond to our emails and/or calls; we were not able to establish contact
- The store administration can not process VAT refund requests
- The store has gone bankrupt

Unfortunately, a retailer is not obligated by EU law to cooperate with VAT refunds. Even though you are in your right by EU law to reclaim the VAT, some stores choose not to be of service.
Refund is highly unlikely.

See also the page 'What to do if a shop does not cooperate'