Get your money back with your POPr ™ receipt

Welcome at Your receipt contains an unique POPr™ (Proof of Purchase) QR code. Scan this code in the app to claim your VAT refund.

Thanks to a special EU-regulation, international travelers can ask for a refund of the Value Added Tax paid over goods they have bought in the EU. We will help you get this refund on your shopping in the European Union, even if you shop online. To offer you the highest refund, we minimize the costs, hassle and paperwork to reclaim your VAT. No hidden fees, murky agreements or long queues. We’re here to help you get what’s yours. Save all your purchase receipts and save up to 25% on your shopping in the European Union.

How do you claim your refund with a POPr ™ QR code? 


Download the app and register yourself

EU law requires you to prove that you live outside the EU. A copy of your Passport and/or Visa is required to get an account. We will check your Name, Passport Number, Country of Residence and Expiry Date.

For safety reasons cover your photo and social security numbers, or we will do this for you.  

Get a stamp at Customs before you leave the EU


You will need to prove that you have exported the goods to your home country. When leaving the EU, stop by the Customs office before you check-in, to receive an Export Validation Stamp on all your receipts.

The Customs officer may ask to see your goods before validating your receipts so keep those goods with you at the validation desk.


Within the App: Scan your receipts and follow instructions

To register your receipt and claim your refund, follow the instructions in the app and take a photo of the entire receipt with the stamp and your data on it. You can make multiple photos if the receipt is too big.

In the app we will show your refund amount and keep you updated on the refund process. 

Don’t send in POPr receipts, keep them with you as long as the refund process takes. For receipts without a POPr-QRcode different rules apply.